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The leader in noise control solutions in Canada now offers a comprehensive approach to the entire building noise footprint.

Increased urban density has residential developments competing for space with industrial and commercial property in Ontario. It has resulted in a jurisdiction with some of the strictest noise ordinances in North America, and a whole lot of unwanted noise to solve.

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Through our turnkey, single-sourced delivery model, we adhere to strict service standards and technical delivery requirements, starting with our highly rated acoustical-tested products.



A natural expansion from ground-level noise walls into lightweight wall systems on the roof, we are excited to equip our partners with even more options and noise control strategies.


Built-in partners

Whether you are an engineer in design phase, a contractor mid-construction, or are a property owner with an existing facility forced to address noise, our team will lesson the burden of noise mitigation with our hands-on, all-in approach to finding a budget-friendly solution to your most difficult acoustical challenges.

A comprehensive product portfolio

A portfolio synonymous with the needs of our clients, Durisol has options and will continue expansion into 2021. Check back often for new product development.

  • Barriers & Screens – PVC, Aluminum & Transparent post-and-panel systems

  • Enclosures: Total noise and vibration containment

  • Noise Walls: Grounded Durisol Precast, PVC, Aluminum, & Transparent post and panel system.

  • Silencers: Contact us for more information

  • Cladding: Contact us for more information

  • Louvres: Contact us for more information

Full project delivery

Focus your attention on what’s next, while we eliminate the noise issue. We design, supply and install for ultimate optimizations and efficiencies throughout.

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