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Durisol® Graffiti-Guard


Durisol® Graffiti-Guard is an anti-graffiti solution that addresses both graffiti and sound absorption via the use of a pre-applied silicone coating. The Durisol Graffiti-Guard® solution offers long-term protection against graffiti issues after Durisol Noise Barriers are installed. The NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating is not affected by the coating and has been tested to ASTM C-423.
The Durisol Graffiti- Guard® is applied to the Durisol Noise Barrier wall panels during the manufacturing process at the Mitchell plant for quality assurance and coating consistency which ensures that every Durisol panel is graffiti-resistant from the day they leave the plant.
The cleaning process to remove graffiti is simple and easy. It’s a one-step removal process that restores the walls back to their original appearance.  A standard low-pressure 1000 PSI power washer is the only equipment needed to wash off graffiti, which allows maintenance crews a quicker clean-up. After one or two graffiti removals, future defacement of the noise barrier wall will not occur.
Product Features

  • Easy to clean with low-pressure (1000 PSI) power washer

  • Reduces maintenance costs and improves overall service life

  • Withstands multiple graffiti removal cycles without decreasing NRC value and appearance  

  • Proven technical solution tested to ASTM C-423


Watch the video below to see Durisol® Graffiti-Guard in action!

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