Project Description

Pont de Québec

Transportation – Québec, Canada

The Quebec Bridge, which extends over the St. Lawrence River from Sainte-Foy to Lévis, is currently the longest cantilever bridge in the world. Opened in 1914, the bridge supports road, rail and pedestrian traffic. However, in 2010, due to neglected repair work, the Quebec Bridge was placed on a list of 10 most threatened historic sites in Canada. Corrosion forced the Department of Transport to replace the guards on either side of the bridge bridge with steel panels to strengthen the integrity of the structure.

In the first phase of construction, steel panels were installed along the bridge on the west side of the bridge. However, these steel panels have been the subject of much criticism. The opaque panels 1.80 meters high completely obstruct the view of the river and the magnificent panoramas for motorists and pedestrians. After strong public discontent, it was agreed that transparent panels would be used in the second phase of construction to address these concerns. Durisol/BPDR is proud to have been chosen as the designer and supplier of transparent panels ”ACRYLITE Soundstop” for this historic structure that is the Quebec Bridge.

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