Project Description

Coast-to-Coast Capabilities

Transportation- Anchorage, Alaska

Durisol was the proud supplier of a noise wall for the Alaska DOT back in 2003.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The heavily traveled highway to the Anchorage Airport bordered a quiet community that enjoys the scenic views of the local Chugach Mountain range. To alleviate the highway noise for the nearby residential neighborhood, Durisol provided a noise wall solution that would not take away from the scenery.

Incorporating many unique design features, the lower portion of the wall was completed in Durisol panels with a natural stone pattern. They were complimented well by the Durisol post facings that connected directly to the galvanized steel posts ground-mounted and structure-mounted in some areas.

The upper portion of the wall utilized ACRYLITE Soundstop transparent panels as large windows that would allow light and the stunning mountain views in all day long.

With variations of clear and tinted panels, sections of the wall were complete with integrated light fixtures so to illuminate a bike path.

Meeting the Spec

Interestingly, the ADOT had originally specified the entire wall as a 60% absorptive noise wall, with a light transmittance minimum requirement of 80%.

The required Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) could not be achieved with a fully transparent wall. And so, the Durisol team proposed the wall design as you see it today.

With the incorporation of the Durisol noise absorbing base, an NRC of 0.80 could be reached (well beyond the 0.60 required). And, no views were compromised in the newly proposed. In fact, the Acrylite panels contributed to the noise absorption AND allowed a whopping 93% light transmission.

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