Project Description

Montreal, Quebec

Station Jean-R.-Marcotte is a wastewater treatment plant located on the eastern tip of the island of Montréal, Quebec, Canada. In this Design-Build project with GE Grid Solutions Canada, Durisol provided 4 Firestop System walls at a height of up to 8m.

The firewalls separate the 3 transformers on site and provide protection to the adjacent building by preventing any potential spread in the case a transmission fire was to occur.

The decision to use the Durisol fire-rated wall system was due primarily to the cost-savings as compared to a cast-in-place concrete wall.

Our system also offered the added benefit of noise reduction, which standard concrete cannot. At a noise absorption rate of a minimum of .70 NRC (Noise Coefficient Reduction) on both sides of the walls, the noise from the transformers would be significantly reduced.

Project Details


City of Montreal




Cegerco (Phase 1),  Dawco (Phase 2)

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