Dart Connects Communities

Project Team

Customer: Tricon Precast

Owner: Dallas Area Rapid Transit

General Contractor: Western and Herzog Contracting JV


Dart Connects Communities

Transportation – Dallas, Texas

Our US team is excited to design and supply all of the noise barriers for the 26-mile Silver Line Corridor Transit extension of the DART rail system, which will connect the communities of Plano to the DFW Airport. Opening in December 2022, the $1.1 billion project is a joint venture between The Walsh Group’s Archer Western and Herzog Contracting.

After conducting an Environmental Impact Study to determine how adjacent property owners could be affected by the noise from the DART Silver Line, DART determined that they would construct several noise barriers along the corridor to help eliminate noise impacts by implementing:

  • quiet zones at 34 at-grade crossings,
  • installing a total of 49,000 lineal feet (9.28 miles)
  • 15-foot high noise barriers (from top of rail) in 55 wall sections adjacent to the tracks near locations with noise impacts.

Project Details

While a 12-foot noise barrier is sufficient to mitigate noise, walls will be 15-feet to also serve as a visual screening where both noise barrier walls and visual mitigation are required.

We will be working with our manufacturing partner, Tricon Precast, out of a new facility in Dallas, Texas to supply over 811,000 square feet of Durisol Absorptive Noise Barriers.

DART SilverLine NL Nov Issue 2020.03
DART SilverLine NL Nov Issue 2020.02

Project Team

CUSTOMER: Tricon Precast

OWNER: Dallas Area Rapid Transit

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Western and Herzog Contracting JV

Stay tuned for more updates to come on this exciting project!