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Jamestown Parkway

North Carolina, USA

Project Team

Owner: Branch Civil, Inc.

Contractor: Smith-Rowe, LLC

Solutions: Durisol® absorptive precast

Sectors: Transportation


Parkway Noise Wall

Transportation – North Carolina, USA

The City of Jamestown needed a solution to alleviate traffic congestion through the city. The Transportation Department of the City of High Point reported that the latest traffic counts for Greensboro Road varied from over 14,500 vehicles at the I-74 interchange to over 13,500 cars at the Penny Road intersection. There has been an ongoing discussion about the necessity of a bypass since the 1980’s.

Despite facing hurricanes, snowstorms, and a pandemic, the Jamestown Parkway team was able to overcome numerous obstacles and challenges to successfully complete the four-lane project on schedule.

Construction began in September 2018, and the roadway was opened to traffic on December 2, 2022.


With the proximity of the parkway to residential neighborhoods, a noise wall was needed to help mitigate the noise for existing homeowners. The walls were designed to varying heights from 12 – 28’, with the taller sections closest to the homes.

Durisol supplied the steel posts and 1,218 panels to construct the 3 wall sections, covering a total length of 3,615 linear feet. The project involved the installation of 2 parallel barriers, which originally specified concrete noise walls. Our team discussed the benefits of utilizing double-sided absorptive panels, which would prevent any undesired echo effects.

Branch Civil takes pride in surpassing regulations set by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. To meet these standards, integrated traffic barriers and structure-mounted noise walls were installed along the roadside for optimal safety measures. Going forward, the integrated traffic barrier and noise wall will also help to keep vehicles within their roadway and provide necessary protection to residential homes on the other side.

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