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OC Transpo Industrial Garage

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Project Team

Owner: City of Ottawa

Architect: IBI Group

Contractor: EllisDon

Installation Contractor: Base Tech General Contracting Inc.


OC Transpo Industrial Garage

TransportationOttawa, Ontario

The maintenance facility for articulated buses was commissioned by City of Ottawa in order to meet the growing needs of OC Transpo, which provides services to nearly one million people. The design team targeted an achievement of LEED© certification, to support the City’s guidelines for sustainable design. This included measures for noise control for neighboring residents and businesses. The facility design aimed to provide both an environmentally efficient garage and an attractive and pleasant working atmosphere for employees.

The sound wall surrounds the perimeter of the facility, mitigating noise created by the significant number of buses operating at the facility. It incorporates several interesting design features.

Project Details

An attractive custom ‘basket-weave’ pattern creates a sense of movement across the panels; transparent ACRYLITE® Soundstop Ready-fit panels enlighten the transition of the wall tying into the building’s architecture; integrated LED lighting creates a moving display of coloured lights across the panels, representing various bus routes. Various colours of light indicate the various bus routes, while the intensity of the light pulses reference the frequency of buses and activity throughout the rush hours and lulls in the day.

Through collaboration and innovation, Durisol provided a useful and attractive solution for several needs as outlined by the customer.

A precast noise barrier with a custom basket-weave pattern and integrated LED lighting at the OC Transpo in Ottawa, ON.
A precast noise barrier that transitions to transparent ACRYLITE® Soundstop Ready-fit panels at the OC Transpo in Ottawa, ON.

Project Team

OWNER: City of Ottawa


LIGHTING: EOS Lightmedia


INSTALLATION CONTRACTOR: Base Tech General Contracting Inc.