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Woodland Meadows Landfill

Canton Township, Michigan, USA

Project Team

Design & Engineering: Memtech Accoustical

Consultant: Needham DBS

Solutions: Noise Walls

Sectors: Industrial


Woodland Meadows Landfill

IndustrialCanton Township, Michigan

The Woodland Meadows Landfill is a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) reclamation site where waste gas from decaying landfill material is extracted and non-methane elements are removed through cleaning and conditioning to convert it to usable natural gas. The equipment to perform these tasks is large and complex, and can generate significant noise levels in the nearby area.

Even though the RNG plant was within the limits of the community noise ordinances, the goal was to be a ‘good corporate citizen’ and avoid potential noise annoyance issues in a nearby neighborhood. MEMTECH ACOUSTICAL of Rochester Hills Michigan was contracted to evaluate the situation and provide some solution options to reduce the overall noise levels in the community.

Project Details

After performing a detailed noise mapping of the RNG facility, MEMTECH developed a noise model of the plant and surrounding area to determine the most cost-effective and efficient noise control approach to meet the owner’s goals. MEMTECH subsequently designed a wall configuration that would effectively attenuate the noise being radiated to the neighborhood. Durisol was subsequently contracted by Memtech to supply a noise wall to meet their specifications. By utilizing the Durisol NB15 post and panel system, the team was given enough flexibility to maintain the desired wall layout configuration while avoiding interference with underground utilities and services.

The wall made a significant improvement to the neighborhood environment, resulting in far less noise annoyance to the residents

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Project Team