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Utility Enclosures & Fire-rated Barriers

Durisol offers two systems for utility applications, utility enclosures & fire-rated barriers.

Utility Enclosures

Utility enclosures help to secure hydro or utility sites from break-ins or theft. They offer a higher level of security than traditional fences with its rigid concrete or steel posts and sound absorptive panels. Enclosures not only protect what is inside, they make neighboring properties safer.

Product Features:

  • Non-conductive

  • Quieter surroundings

  • Up to 90% recycled materials

  • Protects your investments

  • Visual Appeal

2-hr Firewall

Durisol® Firestop System

The Durisol® Firestop System offers a higher margin of safety over traditional precast barriers by containing and preventing the spread of fire in high-voltage areas. The wall assembly consists of vertical precast concrete posts and drop-in-place Durisol absorptive precast noise barrier panels, sealed with a fire barrier sealant.

Product Features:

  • ​Fire resistance rating of 2 hours

  • Value-engineering

  • Maximum noise reduction

  • Up to 90% recycled materials

  • Protects your investments


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