Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) Building and Energy Sectors (Data Centers)


Depending on the panel material selected, our noise absorptive or reflective noise barriers and privacy screens meet required standards and building codes.  Refer to RESOURCES for testing results. 

Barriers & Screens

Noise Barriers, Privacy Screens

Ground-to-roof noise barrier solutions, designed and built for multi-source noise control.  


Our Durisol noise barriers have been used for building noise attenuation for years. We are now expanding our acoustical capabilities to include new rooftop-designed barrier solutions to solve persistent equipment noise and visual screening.  

We engineer a mounted solution best for each building environment:  

Weighted Systems – Used in applications when rooftop membrane cannot be penetrated.  

Direct-to-structure – Optional steel stub column, cast-in-place concrete piers or anchoring to concrete roof. 


Our post-and-panel systems include a variety of lightweight panel options: 

Aluminum – Aluminum panels can be absorptive on both sides.

PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) panels are the lightest available panel. 

Transparent – Transparent panels are ideal for rooftop patios or public areas that want to reduce noise while maintaining natural light and views.


Alleviate noise emissions from multiple sources at once with single or double-sided absorptive panel options or reflective panels where visual screens are the primary concern.  


All three of our noise panel options reduce material weight requirements for roof designs.  


Lightweight post and panel system requires minimal installation equipment and crew.  


Various aesthetic options for barrier system.  


How can we help?

A trusted partner to building owners, contractors, acoustical engineers, our technical sales, engineering, and project management team are here to assist you through the entire project.


Why us?

We ensure that every collaboration with our partner results in the best possible outcome. Typical to noise control suppliers who supply the wall components, we offer our involvement from conceptual design through to installation services. Combine our turn-key rooftop solutions with our traditional ground-level expertise, and you know that every decibel of noise is being considered, as is your budget.