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‘’Fenêtres sur la ville’’ Autoroute 40 Noise Wall

Repentigny, QC, Canada

Project Team

Owner: Ville de Repentigny / MTQ

Contractor: L.A. Hebert

Engineer: GBI Services D’Ingénierie

Architect: Beaupre Associes

Solutions: Durisol®absorptive precast, Transparent Noise Barriers

Sectors: Transportation


Autoroute 40 Noise Wall

Roads & Highways, Transportation – Repentigny, QC, Canada

If you drive along Autoroute A40 in Repentigny, QC, you’ll notice a very distinguishable noise barrier that follows an 830-metre stretch along the highway. The wall’s unique design pays tribute to the city and the Moulin Grenier, a historic windmill that sits peacefully along the roadside in Repentigny.

Project Details

In 2005, a feasibility study was conducted for the MTQ. The findings resulted in sourcing a noise barrier that would not only reduce the maximum decibel level down to 55 dBA but would also take certain design considerations that would enhance the current landscape and support sustainable development. In 2019 Durisol, in partnership with Béton Préfabriqué du Richelieu (BPDR), provided a custom design that would meet the safety requirements of the MTQ and satisfy the design needs requested by the city of Repentigny. ‘’Fenêtres sur la ville’’ or “Windows to the City” was the concept that was proposed, which combined special custom Durisol absorptive panels spanning 7.2M in length and 1.6 M in height – with transparent window panels on top. This not only allowed for light transmission through to the residents behind the wall but represented the colours of Repentigny by choosing the blue and green acrylic panels.

The unique design didn’t stop there. A precast concrete ‘’Signature’’ windmill panel was produced by BPDR in their St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Plant. The special Polyurethane form liner system was created in linear pattern, creating a 3D look to the windmill image on the formed concrete. When the light hits it at different times of the day a shadow is cast creating varying shades of grey.

“This was a very interesting project to complete’’ notes Francois Picard, The Soundwall Man, ‘’Working with the MTQ and the City of Repentigny, we had to make significant adjustments to the original design from Beaupre Associes in order to keep it within budget and to please all parties.”

The project kicked off in August 2021 completing the engineered drawings. Construction, beginning with the posts and panels took place in late spring and the wall was fully completed by September.

“A bonus design feature appeared after the acrylic panels had been installed” Francois reveals, ‘’depending on the location of the sun hitting the wall, the blue and green shades often change to red, pink, and orange.”

This wall is the first phase of many to be completed along Autoroute 40. As the traffic is certain to increase, the MTQ has committed to protecting the communities that border this highway from high levels of transit noise.

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