Discovering Hamilton’s art scene through live painted murals.

Hamilton ON – If you’ve noticed the City of Hamilton looking more vibrant after the weekend, you can thank the Concrete Canvas Art Festival who organized and commissioned over 100 artists – both locally and international – to participate in a week long art festival that saw many Hamilton landmarks revitalized with beautiful murals. Working with the City of Hamilton, over 40 location “canvases” were chosen.

This year, Durisol was especially excited about the event, as one of our noise walls along the Keddy Trail Access was lucky enough to be chosen as a canvas for 15 different artists. As an official sponsor of this event, Durisol committed to providing refreshments to all 100 graffiti artists who donated their time and talent. On Saturday afternoon, our marketing team set up shop along with local food truck; Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner and DJ Perry Sound to support the artists through the heat of the day as well as any members of the community there to check out the action.

For anyone local to Hamilton, the Durisol Noise Wall is located at the base of the Claremont Mountain access, which protects the Stinson community from heavy traffic noise heading up the mountain. Having been constructed in 1988, we were beyond excited to see this wall come to life with some amazing pieces that unfolded over the course of a few days.

Check out a few of the snap shots below from the day!

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concrete canvas
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