Project Description

Montreal, Quebec

Located in Outremont Montreal, Quebec stands this ‘green’ noise wall, dividing a residential park from a train track.

The customer requested that the wall should support plants growing up the face of the wall but still generate a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC) performance by absorbing noise from passing trains.

Durisol proposed the Richmond noise barrier system that utilizes posts spaced at 15’ on center and 3’ high panels. In order to encourage vines and plants to climb the wall without causing any damage, a plain Durisol pattern was offered to achieve this.

The noise barrier was installed with base plated galvanized steel posts anchored to the bolts of the precast concrete foundations.

The wall installation was completed in May of 2019 and by August 2019 there were already substantial plant growth up the wall.

Project Details


BPDR (Beton Prefabrique due Richelieu)


City of Montreal


Cusson-Morin Construction Inc.

WALL AREA (m2)   


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