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Autoroute 15 | Rue Guillemette, Laval (EN)

Laval, Québec, Canada

Project Team

Owner: City of Laval

Contractor: BPDR (Beton Prefabrique due Richelieu)

Engineer: GBI Services D’ingenerie

Architect: WAA Montreal Inc.

Panel Manufacturer: Kohlhauer


Autoroute 15 | Rue Guillemette, Laval (EN)

TransportationLaval, Québec

The first to be installed in North America, introducing Durisol’s new Planta “green wall” noise barrier system. Supplied in partnership with BPDR and Kohlhauer Noise Barrier Systems.

Durisol and Beton Prefabrique due Richelieu were actively involved in the design phase of the Autoroute 15 project, working with the City of Laval for a way to incorporate a living wall alternative to a standard concrete noise barrier system. The Planta system encourages vines to climb up the face of the integrated trellis, and so is naturally best- suited for areas where maintaining city greenscape is a must.

Project Details

The City of Laval chose to go with alternating coloured pre-fabricated panels along the length of the wall that was aesthetically pleasing to neighbouring properties, even when vines or plants have not yet been established.

To learn more about this project or other Kohlhauer systems please contact Francois ‘’The Soundwall Man’’ at francois.picard@durisol.com.

Durisol is the exclusive supplier of Kohlhauer sound wall systems in North America.


Project Team

CUSTOMER: BPDR (Beton Prefabrique due Richelieu)

OWNER: City of Laval

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Cusson-Morin Construction Inc.

ENGINEER: GBI Services D’ingenerie

ARCHITECT: WAA Montreal Inc.