Our Work

A Noisy Border Passageway. A ‘sound’ Solution.

Windsor, ON, Canada

Project Team

Owner: Ministry of Transportation (MTO)

Contractors: Coco Paving, Powell Foundations

Solutions: Building Applications, PVC Noise Barriers

Sectors: Commercial

Wall Length: 936 metres


Highway 401 North Leg Noise Barriers in Windsor

TransportationWindsor, ON, Canada

The Ministry of Transportation required a noise barrier wall to shield the residential neighbourhood from the noise from Highway 401 in Windsor, Ontario, the major passageway connecting Southwestern Ontario to the United States.

Project Details

While the process to bid on the work was fairly standard and straight forward, the Ministry’s specification to meet was extremely detailed. Following the awarded project, the Durisol in-house design team continued to work closely with the MTO and the general contractor, Coco Paving, to complete this project.

Durisol® is on the MTO Designated Sources for Materials (DSM) list as an approved manufacturer of absorptive type Noise Barriers and Noise Traffic Barriers. For this project in particular, Durisol supplied over 400 double-sided Durisol panels for the 936 linear metres of wall, so that both the highway-facing and housing-facing walls would have a natural stone pattern.

The other half of the Durisol barrier wall system integrated a traffic barrier using SoundStop. These transparent panels were added to allow light and visibility into the residential backyards. The clear sheets are colourless except for the horizontal Bird Guard striping. These sheets were pre-assembled so that they could be dropped right in place by installer, Powell Foundations, into the 4-sided Ready-Fit Aluminum frame.

Building Durisol Noise Barrier Walls on Highway 401 - Windsor, ON