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Interchange 33 Expansion, I-95

Milford / Stratford, CT, USA

Project Team

Owner: CTDOT

Contractor: Empire Paving

Engineer: STV

Installer: Quaker

Solutions: Noise Walls

Sectors: Transportation

Interchange 33 Expansion, I-95

TransportationMilford / Stratford, CT, USA

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) reopened Interchange 33 to I-95 this past November. The expansion grew the interchange from a single southbound – northbound entrance ramp onto the I-95, into a full “diamond” highway interchange featuring two southbound and northbound entrance ramps for the highway.

After a noise study was conducted, it was determined that the noise levels after the expansion would affect the residential homes that back onto the highway.

With years of experience working with CTDOT, our absorptive walls are used exclusively regardless of whether there are parallel barriers or not as we are known for our quality and competitive pricing as compared to standard reflective precast.

Project Details

The overall look of the wall, including pattern, color, and even the post facings, were all designed to match the roadside of a previous project we delivered just up the road across the Moses Wheeler Bridge.

Ranging in heights from 15 to 20 feet, there are several noise wall sections installed back-to-back over the course of two projects.

The first wall starts along I-95 Southbound and runs down an off ramp. Approximately 1300 linear feet is ground-mounted with a small 80-foot stretch mounted to Bridge 132.

The second wall that starts on the other side of the exit is similar in length and has a small structure mounted section as well for bridge 133.

The shortest of the wall sections is 500 feet and starts on the other side of the on ramp and ends at bridge 134. At the far end of the bridge is a retaining wall which our noise wall was mounted directly to for an impressive 500-foot span.

As the wall installations are now completed, transitions between the walls will use our NB15 panels to span between a post and then attach it to the back of a crash barrier and a ground mounted post that is embedded into the ground.

Interchange 33 2 scaled
Interchange 33 5 scaled
Interchange 33 3 scaled

Project Team


CONTRACTOR: Empire Paving