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Environmental Compliant Noise Wall

Kersey, Colorado, USA

Project Team

Owner: DCP Midstream Partners LP

Engineer: TruHorizon Environmental Solutions

Installation: CAM Integrated Solutions


Environmental Compliant Noise Wall

Industrial – Kersey, Colorado

Another project successfully completed, this one proved there is no barrier too great for our team to traverse. With over 108,000 square feet of wall, or the equivalent of approximately 2,700 precast panels, this was the largest project west of the Mississippi AND the first U.S. project serving the natural gas market.

One of the largest natural gas processing companies in the U.S., DCP Midstream Partners LP was expanding their footprint with a natural gas refining plant. Located near Kersey, a visual screen was necessary to mitigate the plant noise from the Colorado communities.

If not already familiar with TruHorizon Environmental Solutions, they are an environmental compliance management firm partnering with clients to offer turnkey solutions for noise control, among other compliance standards. Their engineered approach was perfectly complimented with the technical expertise of our team member, Andy Weaver.

The owner specifically asked for a precast concrete panel system. Aware of Durisol’s reputation as the go-to precast absorptive noise barrier supplier in North America, TES reached out directly.

With no previous experience installing precast concrete panels, Andy helped to guide TES in the design process by working with the area manager and engineering manager. Together, they were able to lay out a plan to maximize efficiencies within our Durisol NB15 post and panel wall system.

Project Details

The final system design was completed by the in-house team at TES, which saw a 20′ tall absorptive perimeter wall spanning across some 5,400′ along the refinery.

Partnering up once again on project delivery, our team was able to turn large volumes of material around in a very short turnaround. After only booking the project in July, multiple trucks were delivering each day come September. Paying special attention to the timing of custom length panels, our work was not done on the project until all unforeseen obstructions and post spacing changes were overcome and the wall was fully installed.

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Project Team

OWNER: DCP Midstream Partners LP

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: TruHorizon Environmental Solutions

ENGINEER: CAM Integrated Solutions